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This is where we can offer you savings,by buying more for less of our range of Natural Soy Wax

Vegan Friendly Inspired Oil products. 

Recyclable and Re-Usable


 Free From Parabens,Phthalates,CMR's 

Safer/Cleaner & Healthier

Naturally Coated Cotton Wick Candles

Hand Made in United Kingdom.

Sit back and relax with these gorgeous rich fragrances.

Vegan friendly - Cruelty Free - No Dye - Cleaner and Safer for the Environment.

Inspired Soy Wax Product Bundles

Wax Melts (3 Pack)

Wax Melts (3 Pack)

Wax Melts (3 Pack)


Select 2 favorite wax melts & try a different one

Candles (3 Pack)

Wax Melts (3 Pack)

Wax Melts (3 Pack)


 Select 2 favorite  candles & try a different one