About Us

Dog Friendly

Being loving owners of two beautiful Labradors  we found we were spending a lots of money on leading brand wax melts and candles to eliminate the dogs odours (especially when its been raining there wet) we were going to our high st & local supermarkets but the wax melts we could get we were finding the aroma's didn't seem to last very long and we started getting concerned about the chemicals & toxins within these High St wax melts, we found not only paraffin wax & paraffin based dyes.but there were quite a few chemicals that we would rather not breath in, 


 This drove us to make our own wax melts using 100% natures soy wax blended with 100% of natures essential oils. 

 Our friends & family were inspired by our essential wax melts with rich aroma's and how good they all looked every time they came to visit, we were all amazed the aroma lasted a far far longer as well.  We then got to thinking this would be great to share our Essential Collection with others.  

Natural essential oil small wax paws

Pawfect Scents was born. We researched alot to find the perfect selection of ingredients.We then knew our wax melts were cleaner & safer for us/our dogs & a lot more effective than the shop bought ones .Only high grade raw materials are used to make our soy based wax products. 


Watch Our Video To See How You Could Benefit From Our 100% Eco Soy Wax Blended with 100% Essentials Oils_Hand made for dog loving homes_Made in the UK_Aroma Therapy For You & Your Dog