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Dog Friendly

  Being loving owners of two beautiful Labradors and thinking leading brand wax melts and candles were best around them, especially to eliminate the dog’s odour when it’s been raining and they're wet. We were always going to our High St & local supermarkets for wax melts and candles, but the wax melts we could get the scent throw didn't seem to last very long. We also were concerned after researching from the ingredients on the packets about what was within some High St wax products.


  This drove us to make our own wax melts to ensure our own well being and safety. We researched heavily about this because we wanted to make the safest possible option. By using nature’s soy wax an 5 selected aromatherapy grade essential oils we found the best possible mix of ingredients. We have been especially careful with this list as there are alot of essential oils that can harm pets. So far we have found 5 essential oils safe around dogs that can help with anxiety and stress, things they cant relate to like heavy noise/fireworks and heavy activity in localised areas.  

Our friends & family were soon eager to try our selected essential wax melts. We were soon getting positive comments on how good they all smelt and in a couple of cases how de-stressed the dogs were when the post arrived. The scent throw lasted far longer than most brands too. But most of all they were safe around our dogs with the added benefit of aromatherapy. It started as a hobby and soon got to be a passion. We're now both students again studying for diplomas in Essential Oils & Candle Making. We wanted to share our Essential Collection with others and their pets.

Natural essential oil small wax paws

We always said we wanted to run our own business and after extensive research and the knowledge from our careers  we found the perfect selection of ingredients that we could procure with good origins. The pawfect scents aromatherapy grade dog friendly paw shaped wax melt was born. Better for us our dogs and the environment. In March 2019 we

launched of our web site. We started getting customers, and then more and more, many of which often return regularly to buy more of which we are very thankful.

We have had request for the more traditional fragrance wax melts and candles from our existing customers. After sourcing a safe vegan friendly supplier for our fragrance oils we decided to start making them. So far we have had great comments about what we do.

Moving in to 2020 we have had a great increase in customers and happy returning customers from all over the UK for both our dog friendly and traditional wax products.

Cleaner - Safer & Better Well Being.


Watch Our Video To See How You Could Benefit From Pawfect Scents Dog Friendly Soy Based Essential Oil Wax Melts. Aromatherapy For You & Your Dog

Hand made in Lincolnshire.UK  for dog loving homes.

Cleaner and Safer & Better Well Being.